Saturday, December 29, 2012

If you want to have an impact start blogging

It’s not even 2 months since I started my blog. I got more exited about blogging seeing people read it – after first month had about 1000 clicksJ

To be honest I did not think about having my own blog till the day I attended Wiola Wabnic lecture at Progressteron festival (have written about it earlier): “How to create a blog?” – the only reason I decided to join was the fact that the session was free, just after my workshop and next door. The main goal of the lecture was to inspire us and Wiola really succeeded, at least in my case.
I wanted to say that blogging was not on my dream map (about the dream map or mood board and the goals setting in more enjoyable way will write in one of my next post) till the moment I have realized that blogging was not, but writing yesJ

Yes, writing is on my agenda - a piece from my 2012 dream map

I agree with Dorie Clark If You're Serious About Ideas, Get Serious About Blogging (btw, very interesting article) that:
  • ·         Writing is still the clearest and most definitive medium for demonstrating expertise on the web
  • ·         Indeed, if you want to shape public opinion, you need to be the one creating the narrative

“Of course, it's no secret that the number of blogs has shot up in recent years; at the end of 2011, there were 181 million, compared to only 36 million in 2006. It's harder to get noticed as the noise level increases. But there's reason to believe that serious (high-quality, idea-focused) competition in the blogging world is likely to wane in the future, further increasing your impact.

One of the reasons for a future decline in high quality blogs is:
“,,,,,"avocational" bloggers are likely to drop off simply because it's hard work to keep up the pace. Writing an insightful 700 word article several times a week, for no or little money, is far more taxing than snapping a photo or sending a 140 character tweet.

2011 dream map

3 main reasons to start a blog:
# passion (yes, I have a passion for project management)
# need for sharing (yes, I have a need for sharing my knowledge and experience)
# productive laziness (yes, trying to be lazy or better word more efficient. A lot of people ask me for mentoring/coaching sessions  and after each session used to send an e-mail with some recommendations (very time consuming) and now ask them to follow my blog – very cleverJ

Yes, it's hard work to keep up the pace, so fingers crossed I have enough motivation, time and energy to keep it going. All your suggestions how to make my blog more interesting are welcome.

Some plans for next year: more interviews (including videos), books reviews and recommendations, announcements/coverage of pm events and more project management- focused articles.

“If you want to have an impact, you might as well be the one setting the agenda by blogging your ideas.” Dorie Clark

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